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Portal Fantasy CMO: 

DailyCoin has been an absolute delight to collaborate with. Their team is highly responsive, professional, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the content they publish meets the highest standards of quality.

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Super How CMO: 

It was my pleasure to work with DailyCoin during the recent Web3 conference that we organized. DailyCoin proved to be an exceptional media platform for publishing news to the crypto audience, showcasing remarkable expertise in this field. What truly sets them apart is their ability to listen to our needs and goals and adapt their approach accordingly. They were a committed partner invested in the success of our project as much as we were. Their responsiveness and goal-oriented mindset proved to be invaluable in helping us achieve our objectives.
I really recommend DailyCoin to any organization seeking excellent service, expertise, and partnership.

Market Across CEO: 

Dailycoin is clearly passionate about sharing high-level, relevant, crypto news with their readership. The editorial team is receptive, efficient, professional and always provides helpful feedback. They have a keen eye for identifying relevant stories and maintaining transparency throughout the process. We're happy to have a great on-going relationship with Dailycoin.

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BitMedia CEO: 

We were pleasantly surprised by the work of An excellent crypto website with high-quality traffic, a cool team of professionals (sales department, writers, marketers, designers). Our clients and we are always satisfied with the result. Bitmedia has partnered with for over a year. This company is one of the best crypto publishers we want t=o continue cooperating with.



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native content

Native Content is carefully written by DailyCoin's specialised journalists.
It's divided into these 4 standard article types.

Select your article of choice and let us cover your project!

Feature your brand amongst the top competitors in a list of projects for your niche.
Spread awareness of your niche and the Top products within.

An in depth review and insight into your project. Written by a specialised author and touching on the team, history and roadmap of your project.

An extensive article covering the current newswothy event about your project.

Our journalists host an interview with a representative from your project & cover it in an article. Share your views with the world.

Social Media


Place banner adverts & maximise exposure of your brand to thousands of crypto enthusiasts.
Available on mobile & desktop, keep the ads running until you reach your impression target.


It's no secret - video content is one of the most popular types of marketing in the 21st century.

It captures attention, sends an impactful message and leaves a resonating & memorable impression to the viewer.

We take this seriously. Having built an in house video production team, we help brands present themselves online, through video.


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Our doors are always open! Let DailyCoin help spread the news about your project.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept stablecoins (USDT & USDC)
and bank transfers.

Do you issue invoices for every transaction?


How long will articles stay on

Articles will stay on forever.

What is DailyCoin’s safety policy?

DailyCoin does due-diligence on every single one of their clients & projects covered. DailyCoin doesn’t accept scam content & if a scam project is advertised post-factum, we cancel the publications without a refund to the client.
We believe in educating our readers about the potential risks involved in the crypto space.

Do you accept adult/casino content?

Very much depends on the individual project, but in general - no.

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