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A press release is a news article that announces a recent, noteworthy event about your project, product, or service. Its purpose is to inform the media and the public about your company's latest news and generate buzz around your brand.

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Virtual Duo Babka and Nushi Honor Game Developers Worldwide at ...

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KyberSwap Announces $ARB Token Liquidity Pools, Liquidity Mining and ...

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Guarda Wallet and Simplex Launch Zero-Fee Crypto Purchases Promo in Europe


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  1. Press releases must contain newsworthy content and be written in the journalistic-appropriate press release format (click here or here for an exemplary press release).
  2. The content of the news must be related to blockchain or cryptocurrency.
  3. The title should be short (no longer than 90 characters) and clearly indicate the news that the press release conveys. Exclamation marks and any type of call for action is strictly prohibited in the title.
  4. Maximum length of a press release must be no longer than 800 words. If you’d like to have up to 1,500 words in your article, please contact our team about publishing a Sponsored article:
  5. We do not accept PRs with any trading or investment advice, price speculation or hype.
  6. All press releases must use objective language and be free of advertising or hype. The content should be factual and accurate. It should not contain speculative or opinion-based statements, undisclosed or vague sources.
  7. Unacceptable examples include but are not limited to: “Analysts believe that this coin may be the one to grow” “If you’re looking for a place to invest, why not give this project a go?” “Big profits from this project are almost certain” “If you’re looking for big profits, this project might be the one for you” “If the pre-sale numbers are anything to go by, you should invest today!”
  8. All press releases should contain a single news piece. If there is information unrelated to the title, it will be removed from the press release.
  9. News category terminology like “Review, Test, Report, Interview, Guide” are not allowed in the title of a press release. If you would like to include such terms in your article, please contact our team about publishing a Sponsored article:
  10. If at any point in time the subject of your press release appears to have a morally corrupted background (e.g. the project is denounced as a scam), the press release will be terminated without any monetary reimbursement.
  11. The project, product or brand presented in the press release must have a public whitepaper and defined tokenomics.
  12. If another company than the one issuing the announcement is mentioned in the press release, please make sure to seek a permission from an authorized representative of the named company prior to submitting the press release.
  13. All content must be original and unique. Copyrighted content is not permitted.
  14. Listed keywords are not permitted.
  15. Links on article have to match the landing page URL, i.e. no redirects or click tracking is allowed.
  16. Each press release may include an “About Us” section up to 150 words.
  17. Each press release may include a maximum of 5 images. A custom featured image will be provided for your article by our designers.
  18. Each press release may include a maximum of 5 links related to the news, including the no-follow links (note: links might get removed on 3rd party aggregator sites). All links should be implemented into the article via anchor text & hyperlink (e.g. “DailyCoin is a cryptocurrency news media portal.”)
  19. If you’d like to leave your contact information, you may mention your email at the end of the article (e.g. “For more information you can reach out to the official mail of the project: “”).
  20. Dailycoin does not guarantee that the press release will be published or will not be taken down if it doesn’t comply with the guidelines.

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