News Article


Price: $1500

From breaking headlines to in-depth features, our editorial team delivers professional news articles that keep the readers informed and entertained on your project’s latest events.

What to expect?

  • Well-Written Coverage: Clear and engaging news articles
  • Featured on Homepage: 18 hours of visibility on our frontapge
  • Unique Custom Visuals: Enhanced with custom visuals to tell your project's news story.
  • Aggregator Syndication: Increased exposure to a wider audience"

Sample articles


Payment made
Client provides us with a brief of the news
The brief is passed onto editorial
Editorial team start writing
First draft proofread & shared with client
Published on DailyCoin
3 working days
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  1. The client must provide an outline of the news/development to be covered.
  2. The article can include between 4-5 do-follow links.
  3. The article will not include an “about us” section since it is a news article but may include background or contextual information about the company that is relevant to the topic.
  4. The news article will have an approximate length of 450-500 words.
  5. The news article will use objective language.
  6. Another company or service may be briefly mentioned or in detail, but only to provide context and perspective.
  7. The news article's 1st draft will take up to 3 working days.
  8. News articles will be published with a custom-made image created by DailyCoin’s design team. You can find our style guidelines here.
  9. In the news article, it will be published under the author's name.

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