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A sponsored article is an editorial piece written by the client with a focus on educating, promoting, or providing unique insights. These articles are paid for by the client and are designed to complement the editorial content of the website or publication in which they are featured.

What to expect?

  • 10-Hour Homepage Coverage: Your sponsored article will be prominently featured on our homepage for 10 hours, maximizing its visibility.
  • Custom Visuals by DailyCoin: Our design team will create unique and engaging visuals to accompany your article.
  • Write in Your Own Words: You'll have the freedom to express your message in your own words while adhering to our editorial standards.
  • Sponsored Pill on the image

Sample articles

Jetshare 1

All You Need To Know About Jetshare, The Private-Jet-Backed Crypto Project

AI payments 1

The Future of Payments: How AI is Shaping the Crypto Industry and Why ...

crypto tax 1

Reporting Information on Crypto Transactions to the Tax Authorities: There is ...


Payment made
Article shared with Dailycoin's team
Article reviewed
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12 working hours
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  1. The article can include up to 5 links. The links will be sponsored links.
  2. The article should link to 3-5 reputable sources. Articles without sources are not accepted.
  3. Unrelated topics are not accepted unless crypto is involved.
  4. The content has to be proofread and fact-checked.
  5. No plagiarism is accepted.
  6. DailyCoin reserves the right to cancel the publication at any time.
  7. An author bio must be included at the end of the article.
  8. Meta-description must be provided along with the article.
  9. Sponsored articles are published under Sponsored Content. But we’d love to note the original author’s name at the bottom of article. Therefore we’d appreciate it if you could provide the author’s name and bio. If not - no issues.
  10. Sponsored articles are tagged as Sponsored on DailyCoin’s Website.
  11. Sponsored articles will have a disclaimer at the bottom regarding the authorship and opinions of this article.
  12. Sponsored articles will be published with a custom-made image created by DailyCoin’s design team. You can find our style guidelines here.
  13. No content about gambling, casinos, or betting is allowed.

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