Price: $1400

A listicle is a curated collection of brands, projects, or services listed in an article format, without any specific ranking.

Promote your brand among competitors to showcase the best your project has to offer!

What to expect?

  • Longer Feature: Comprehensive coverage for your brand, project, or service
  • Top Competitors: Listed alongside industry's top competitors for increased exposure
  • Unique Visuals: Custom visuals to complement the content for an engaging read
  • Aggregator Syndication: Content pushed to our network of aggregators for greater visibility"

Sample articles

listicle 1 1

Top 5 Crypto Market-Making Firms

to 10 1

Top 10 Countries to Spend Crypto

web 3 1

5 Latest Trends in Web 3.0 Explained


Payment made
Client provides info about project (USPs, key metrics)
Info is passed to Dailycoin editorial
Listicle is being drafted & proofread
First draft sent to client
Published on DailyCoin
5 working days
Listicles mockup 1


  1. The client needs to provide the company’s unique selling point & relevant metrics surrounding it.
  2. The article can include up to 3 links. The links will be do-follow links.
  3. In terms of ranking, the listed companies are in no particular order.
  4. The maximum length of a listicle will be approximately 200-250 words per feature, and not more than 1000-1500 words total. The client’s feature will be 300-350 words long.
  5. The listicle will use objective language.
  6. The content will be written in an Introductory formal tone.
  7. The client may indicate a preference for 1 company to be exempted from the list, which the author will abide by where possible.
  8. The listicle's 1st draft will take up to 5 working days.
  9. Listicles will be published with a custom-made image created by DailyCoin’s design team. You can find our style guidelines here.
  10. In the Listicles, the article will be published under DailyCoin’s author's name.

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