Video Interview


  • We introduce you, your company and your product
  • We shine light on its best qualities and the reasons why it should interest people in your audience and beyond
  • You tell us everything you want your audience to know and more
  • We make sure to ask questions that help you guide your line of thought and present your project in the best light
  • Our video team makes the perfect edit to put the cherry on top


  • A sponsored article on
  • Video content:
    • 16:9 video format
    • Running time up to 20 minutes
    • Custom Title, Transitions, and Motion Graphics
  • Images:
    • Custom thumbnail for the Youtube video
    • Custom image for the sponsored article


  • The sponsored article and video interview will be shared on all DailyCoin’s social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.
  • The sponsored article will be published on

The Process


First, we start with a private call where our team gets to know you, your project and your goals for the video interview. Then, we research and refine the information, making a brief scenario for the interview that will help us both have a smooth conversation on camera.Lastly, we set a date for the shooting.


On the shooting day we have a video call where we briefly talk over the details of the upcoming interview. Usually, it is the same call that will be recorded several minutes later. We record the video interview with style and ease. After the interview, we have a short chat about how it went and discuss possible changes if needed.


After the interview is done, our video team goes on with editing the video while our writers create a sponsored article using the information that you shared with us during the video interview. All the content is published in 3-5 days on various social platforms under Dailycoin’s name and you are free to use the video link for any of your marketing purposes

Sample Videos

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